Meet Zephira

Zephira is a very special little 3 year old girl. Besides having Phelan McDermid Syndrome, she also has anomalies in her 10q26.13q26.3 and Xq13.3 chromosomes. This truly makes her one of a kind! Some of her challenges are global development delays, macrocephaly (overgrowth) and Plagiocephaly.  Hypotonia and insomnia are everyday challenges affecting her mood, feeding and energy.

Zephira is content in her daily routine. She loves watching cartoons with her brother and also likes toys that make sounds. Like many Phelan McDermid individuals she also loves chewing on everything. Although she struggles when she has medical or sleep issues she is overall a very happy go-lucky girl and often has a beautiful smile on her face!

We are so happy to know you princess!